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Four Pins: Countdown To The Manchester International Film Festival

Four Pins, a short film from a New England filmmaker, is part of the inaugural Friday lineup for the Manchester Film Festival. The film instantly immerses the viewer into another time, and though surely unintentional, it feels parallel to the historic, nostalgic feel of stepping into the Rex Theater.

At just under 14 minutes long, Four Pins peeks into the bowling alley of a New England town called Shelburne Falls. “In this place time feels stuck, as does Tommy” - who day in and day out cares for the alley.

The film goes on to explore the unexpected interactions between Tommy and Walter - who ends up at the alley alone when his grandson doesn’t show for the biweekly game.

Four Pins will screen just before Slap Shot - the well-loved 1977 Paul Newman hockey movie - and feels like a well-placed compliment within an evening of incredible films.

For the entire Friday lineup, tickets, and more, visit


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