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Fight And Stabbing Outside Manchester Street Shelter, Blood Spans A City Block

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

MANCHESTER, NH - Manchester Fire, AMR ambulance, and Manchester Police responded to a report of a large fight on Manchester Street outside the Families In Transition Homeless Shelter Saturday.

Fire and AMR arrived at 6:45 a.m. and were advised of a person who was seriously injured by a reported stabbing. Police worked to separate several people physically fighting and engaged in verbal altercations according to witnesses who spoke to Manchester Information.

The man was bleeding profusely while laying on the ground and was placed in the AMR ambulance, firefighters assisted the AMR crew and multiple firefighters gave medical aid as the person was transported to the Elliot Hospital.

Police closed off Pine Street as well as Manchester Street and surrounded the area with yellow crime scene tape. Several detectives arrived at the scene and began photographing the scene that appeared to stretch more than a city block.

Detectives placed markers on the ground on Manchester Street between Chestnut Street and West of Pine Street. Over 40 evidence markers were placed next to blood that could be seen on the ground. Several markers were also placed on the steps of the Winona club at the corner of Pine Street and Manchester. Detectives documented the scene by taking photographs and using a drone to take aerial photos of the expansive area.

Witnesses say a man was placed in handcuffs near Merrimack Street and Pine Street and placed in a cruiser and transported from the scene. The same witnesses said several people were injured in the fight, however, fire dispatch logs only indicate one ambulance was brought to the scene.

This is an active investigation and as additional information becomes available from law enforcement we will publish updates.

©Jeffrey Hastings


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