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Felony Arrests After Riot At Manchester 7-11 Friday

MANCHESTER, NH - Manchester Police responded to the 7-Eleven convenience store at 242 Beech St for a report of a robbery in progress involving a firearm Friday.

The caller reported that the suspect was still in the store and numerous officers responded to the scene and encountered multiple individuals both inside and outside of the store.

As officers attempted to identify a suspect with the firearm, two groups began fighting in the parking lot. MPD Spokesperson Heather Hamel said "A chaotic scene unfolded as more and more people got involved in the alteration. As it escalated, officers were attacked and assaulted.”

Police say that at one point, every available officer working in the city were at the scene trying to bring what police called a riot.

Four individuals during the course of this incident were arrested and ultimately learned that there had been no robbery with a firearm.

Police say the initial investigation revealed that both involved groups knew each other and the altercations were the result of an ongoing conflict.

Two Manchester Police Officers were injured as a result of this incident, both were treated at a local hospital and have been discharged according to Hamel.

Arrested was the following George Stanley, 29 of Manchester who was charged with simple assault- DV, felony riot, and resisting arrest. Richard Cooper, 24 and Howard Cooper, 25 of Manchester, and Alexander Cooper, 29 of Hooksett were all charged with felony riot and resisting arrest.

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