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Details On Harmony's Death Revealed In Court Documents Unsealed

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

***NOTE this is a developing story and will continuously be updated as the court paperwork is reviewed. Hit refresh on your browser to see new updated information.

MANCHESTER, NH - The probable cause document that outlines the evidence presented to the Hillsborough County North Grand Jury has been unsealed in the murder charges for Adam Montgomery.

The 48-page document gives gruesome details on how Harmony was allegedly killed by Adam Montgomery, and information on how they moved her body from place to place.

Manchester Information has put together a timeline of events from the information provided in the document. Expanded details are below.

The following information is only some of the details from the probable cause document.

Harmony’s Death

Kayla stated that on December 7, 2019, prior to the vehicle breaking down, Adam struck Harmony in the face/head on three separate occasions because she had a bathroom accident.

This happened while Adam was driving the vehicle; Kayla described that Harmony was in the rear seat on the passenger side, and while Adam was driving he turned his body and delivered sets of three-to-four blows with a closed fist to Harmony's face/head on three separate occasions over the course of a few minutes.

Kayla stated that after the final blow, Adam said words to the effect that he felt something or heard something when he hit Harmony, and, "I think I really hurt her this time. I think I did something." Harmony began making a moaning type noise which went on for roughly five minutes and then stopped. At no time did anyone stop or get Harmony medical attention as the result of this assault.

Discovery of her Death

Kayla said that after approximately 20 minutes, the family left the Colonial Village apartments, and shortly thereafter their car broke down. Kayla said she thought the car died at probably 8:00 or 9:00 A.M. According to Manchester Police Department records, the car was broken down in the intersection of Elm Street and Webster Street at approximately 12:11 P.M. on 12/07/2019. Kayla said it was at that time that she and Adam discovered that Harmony was not breathing and was deceased. Kayla stated that Adam went to the trunk of the vehicle, removed clothing from a black and red Under Armour duffle bag and placed the lifeless body of Harmony into the bag. Kayla stated at no point did either of them have any conversation about getting any type of lifesaving measures for Harmony, and that Adam simply put Harmony's dead body into the bag and walked it back to the parking lot of the Colonial Village apartments.

Movements of the Body

1. Kayla’s Mother’s Residence on Dubuque St: Kayla said that when they arrived at the residence, Harmony's body, which was still in a duffle bag, was placed inside of a red cooler with a white top in the common hallway of the apartment building. She stated the body was left there the whole time the family stayed there, until the end of December 2019.

Cooler obtained during a search of 258 Dubuque Street #1

2. Families in Transition on Lake Ave: Law enforcement previously knew, and Kayla confirmed in her 06/03/2022 proffer interview, that after leaving her mother's house the family (Adam, Kayla, S.M., and D.M.) moved into a Families in Transition ("FIT*) shelter at 177 Lake Ave. #1, Manchester, NH. This was approximately 12/30/2019. In her proffer interview Kayla said that the Under Armour bag with Harmony's body was brought to the FIT shelter as well. Kayla said that Adam placed it in the ceiling vent in the bedroom. Kayla stated that during this time, there was liquid coming from the bag containing Harmony's dead body, and there was an odor. She said Adam placed a trash bag around the bag to keep it from leaking.

Ceiling vent at 177 Lake Ave #1

3. 644 Union Street: Kayla said that when they moved to the apartment at 644 Union Street, they brought Harmony's body with them. She said that Adam put the Under Armour duffle bag with Harmony's body (which was inside of one or two trash bags) into a plastic bin storage container, which was then pushed on a stroller from 177 Lake Ave over to 644 Union Street. Kayla said that Adam first placed the plastic bin storage container into a closet in the bedroom of 644 Union Street #2. Kayla said that Adam then at one point took the Under Armour bag out of the plastic bin storage container, and that the Under Armour bag was leaking. Kayla said Adam put another trash bag around the Under Armour bag, and placed it into the refrigerator of 644 Unit Street #2.

  1. Transferred Body into CMC Maternity Bag: Kayla stated that at some point after Harmony's body was in the refrigerator, Adam transferred Harmony's body from the Under Armour duffle bag into a new bag. Kayla stated that this happened in the bathroom. Kayla stated that Adam spent four to six hours inside of the bathroom with the shower running. Kayla then described Adam as placing Harmony's dead body inside of what she described as a Catholic Medical Center ("CMC") maternity bag. This bag was much smaller than the Under Armour duffle bag, and it would not likely fit Harmony's body unless it was dismembered or grossly distorted. Kayla described an odor coming from the bathroom and saw steam coming from the bathroom when Adam would open the door. Kayla recalled the scent of cleaning supplies in the bathroom when Adam had finished up. Kayla stated that afterwards Adam placed the CMC maternity bag inside of the freezer in 644 Union Street #2. She described the refrigerator/freezer as a standard over/under refrigerator/freezer combo.

Kayla identified this bag as the same style as the CMC maternity bag into which Harmony's body was placed

4. Portland Pie Company Freezer: Kayla stated that she herself then brought the CMC maternity bag containing Harmony's body to Adam's place of work, Portland Pie Company restaurant on Elm Street in Manchester, while they were living at 177 Lake Ave. This was done at Adam's request the same day Adam transferred Hannony's body into the CMC maternity bag. Kayla stated she pushed S.M. and D.M. to Portland Pie Company in a front/back stroller, and the CMC maternity bag with Harmony's body was between the two boys in the stroller.

  1. Repacking Harmony’s Body in the CMC bag: Kayla stated that Adam took Harmony out of the CMC maternity bag in the 644 Union St #2 bathroom so that he could add lime to the CMC maternity bag to help with the decomposition of Hannony's body. Kayla explained that Adam dumped Harmony's body out of the CMC maternity bag into the shower. Kayla said Harmony wasn't bones; she had skin, teeth, and hair, and Kayla could still tell it was her. Kayla said Adam put about half the bag of lime or a little more into the CMC maternity bag, and she showed with her hands that the bag of lime was consistent with a 40-pound bag. Based on Kayla's description of this process, Adam had a difficult time fitting Harmony's body back into the CMC maternity bag. Harmony's body was frozen. Kayla saw Adam run the hot water in the shower and tried "squishing" Harmony's flesh to thaw it and make it easier to fit her into the bag. Kayla helped cut Harmony's clothes off of her body to make her fit into the bag better as well. Kayla described Adam eventually pushing and pushing on Harmony's body, and then she heard a bang; she was not able to elaborate on what this bang was. Adam also banged the CMC maternity bag on the floor while zipping it. Kayla said that she also helped zip closed the CMC maternity bag. After the CMC maternity bag finally zipped shut, it went into the apartment freezer. Adam then cleaned up the bathroom with ammonia.

5. Unknown Location via U-Haul: Kayla stated that Adam kept the CMC bag with Harmony's body inside of the freezer of 644 Union St. #2 until sometime during the spring of 2020, when Adam rented a U-Haul. Kayla stated that around the time that Adam disposed of Harmony's body, they stayed in the Econo Lodge or Comfort Inn in Manchester, NH. She said Adam brought the CMC maternity bag with Harmony's body to the hotel and placed it in the mini-refrigerator in the room. Kayla said that after the U-Haul was rented, Adam left in the middle of the night at approximately midnight or 1:00 A.M. Adam told her he was leaving and he would be back, and he took the CMC maternity bag. She didn't see him have anything else with him. Kayla said Adam didn't want her to know where he was going "in case something like this happened" (apparently in reference to Kayla proffering this information to police). Kayla said Adam then returned at approximately 5:00 or 6:00 A.M. that same morning. When he returned, he seemed very tired, and he said words to the effect of "it's done." Kayla said she didn't see the CMC maternity bag after that.

Harmony's body has still not been recovered. In a statement, Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg asked the public to continue to call the tip line with any information, "Obviously the facts and details within the affidavit are heartbreaking. The Manchester Police Department remains committed to this investigation. The focus remains on bringing Harmony home. I ask that people call the 24/7 dedicated tip line if they have information on this case. The number is 203-6060."

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