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City Takes Steps To Store Items For Homeless Individuals In Parks

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Manchester, NH - The City of Manchester continues to take steps to reduce the visibility of the homeless issue in downtown Manchester. This year the city passed an ordinance that required that people vacate parks after dark. When that ordinance began people took to the sidewalks next to the parks on a nightly basis.

Recently the city passed an ordinance preventing people from erecting structures, having tarps, or wheeled items such as shopping carts in the park. Since that time the majority of people have moved to the sidewalk which is not covered by these ordinances.

Friday workers from the City of Manchester Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and Manchester Police began to take steps in removing large piles of items from the sidewalk.

The city is offering people the ability to have their items stored in sealed plastic totes which will be stored by the city and returned when the people have a place to secure the items themselves.

A large number of people took advantage participated in the program, and some chose not to. The effort being made by the city appeared to be happening in a peaceful manner.


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