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Bicyclist Found Not Guilty In Accident That Killed A Pedestrian

MANCHESTER, NH - Eric Earle, 36 of Manchester was indicted on negligent homicide charges for the death of Claude Allard of Manchester. Earle was riding a bicycle when he struck Allard in a crosswalk in front of City Hall on May 13, 2021.

A jury trial started Tuesday in Hillsborough County Superior Court where he faced 3.5 - 7 years in prison if found guilty.

Eric Earle sits next to one of his public defenders as they present evidence in a negligent homicide trial

Dr. Alexander Gamble, a neurosurgeon at Elliot Hospital said Allard suffered a traumatic brain injury when his head appears to have struck the pavement after being struck by Earle.

Prosecutors said that Earle ran a red light at Hanover and Elm Street just before he struck the victim as he stepped off a curb. Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney Steven Gahan said that Earle was driving fast, and had not working rear brake on his 21-speed Trek bicycle. There was no evidence that drugs or drinking were involved the night of the accident.

Patrick Lessard of the Bike Barn had been asked to inspect the bicycle after the crash by Manchester Police. Lessard testified the bike was possibly twenty years old, and had no functioning rear brake, and indicated it would be difficult for someone to stop with just the front brake,

Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney Steven Gahan asks questions of Patrick Lessard of the Bike Barn. Lessard inspected the bicycle for Manchester Police after the fatal accident.

The case was sent for deliberation Wednesday afternoon and the jury returned a not-guilty verdict after deliberating for less than two hours.

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