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Bedford Hotel “Machete Killer” Pleads Guilty To First Degree Murder

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Theodore Luckey, 43, of Asbury Park, New Jersey, pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder on Monday and was sentenced to life in prison.

Luckey pleaded guilty to first-degree murder for purposely causing the death of Nathan Cashman, 28, by hacking him to death with a machete, and a second count of first-degree murder for killing David Hanford, 60, by suffocation while he was tied to a bed.

In August 2021, Bedford police, fire, and EMS responded to Country Inn & Suites on South River Road. There, they found two deceased males, one in the hotel lobby and one inside a room.

Witnesses described seeing “a white man running, holding up his pants, and bloody.”

As he ran by, a tall black man with a machete hit the victim in the back of the head with the machete. The man with the machete chased the other man behind the front desk and continually stabbed the man to death.

In court, it was revealed Luckey stabbed, cut, hacked, and sawed Cashman and causing 120 wounds.

Luckey pleaded guilty to both counts, saying, “I stand in this court today taking full responsibility for what I did. Full responsibility.”

Prosecutors outlined details that talked about intimate relationships the victims and Luckey had.

Hanford met Luckey several years ago in New Jersey and had been in an intimate relationship.

That relationship ended, but they reconnected just before the murder. Hanford took the trip from New Jersey to Bedford and, under the guise of expecting to have sex, he allowed Luckey to restrain him to the bed. Prosecutors said Luckey used tape, electrical cords, and shoe strings to tie him down, put a belt around his neck, and then, he killed him.

Cashman had first become friends in prison and eventually began an intimate relationship.

When Luckey was released early from his prison term, Cashman remained incarcerated, but Luckey stayed in touch and financially supported him.

When Cashman was released, Luckey came to New Hampshire to throw him a birthday party. He talked extensively in court about the birthday party, the decorations, and other details. The birthday party was only a short time before Cashman was about to be murdered.

Luckey saw a relationship change on Cashman’s social media, which said in a relationship. It was discovered by Luckey that Cashman was returning to his prior girlfriend. Luckey spoke about how angry and enraged he became. He purchased a machete and planned a trip to New Hampshire with the plan to kill both men. He secured two rooms at the Bedford hotel where the murders took place.

Several members of Cashman’s family were in the courtroom, and many stood in front of Honorable Judge William Delker offering victim impact statements. One of the most vocal presentations was done by Cashman’s 83-year-old grandmother who said the acts Luckey did were cruel.

After a court recess, the defendant wanted the court to hear a prison phone call between him and Cashman and hear him say I love you. After the phone call was played, Luckey spoke for over an hour to the court. He outlined details of his childhood and previous gay relationships. and details about his upbringing by a drunk father but a supportive mother.

Several times the defendant spoke about details regarding Cashman that upset the family in the courtroom. The family made comments and was asked to stop by the court officers.

As Judge Delker sentenced him to life in prison without parole, the family of Cashman applauded. As Luckey was escorted from the courtroom, family members yelled comments. Luckey turned to them, blew a kiss, and smiled.

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