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AMR, MFD, and MPD Respond To Elm Street For Reported Assault

Manchester Police, fire, and AMR responded to a report of a possible assault and stabbing on Elm Street Friday.

Responders were dispatched to the area of Elm and Bridge Street for a person that was wounded after being allegedly assaulted.

A large police response arrived to find the victim of an alleged assault. The person was transported from the scene with a minor abrasion to their face.

Officers searched the area between Bridge Cafe and Bridge Street, the alley behind 1117 Elm Street, and also Lowell Street for a suspect and possible weapon.

Police did not appear to find any evidence and cleared the area, and were going to the hospital to interview the victim.

There has been no official information released by MPD at this time, the information provided by Manchester Information is from being on the scene.

©Jeffrey Hastings

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