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28 Felony Indictments From Hillsborough County Grand Jury Against 19-Year-Old Manchester Man

MANCHESTER, NH - Lavaughn Barnett, 19 of Belmont Street in Manchester, has been indicted on several charges for alleged violent acts he carried out against a person and animals.

Barnett faces multiple felony charges for:

2 Felony First-Degree Assault

2 Felony Second-Degree Assault

3 Felony Criminal Restraint

4 Felony Criminal Threatening

10 Felony Domestic Violence

2 Felony Kidnapping

5 Felony Cruelty to Animals

The charges were brought after an assault on a woman who was allegedly held against her will, choked, restrained, and struck multiple times.

The felony animal cruelty indictments include allegations that Barnett:

  • Purposely tortured an animal when he put a cat in the dryer

  • Tied a weight to a cat’s neck and kicked it down the stairs

  • Tied the limbs of a cat together with socks and repeatedly hit and smacked the cat with his hands.

  • Threw a cat in the air and against a wall causing the cat to spin in the air, bounce off the wall, and fall to the ground.

  • Stuffed a sock into a cat's mouth thereby impairing the cat's breathing.

Barnett was booked on charges on August 8th and was ordered held on preventative detention.

The Grand Jury indictments will lead to arraignments on those allegations on October 17th in Hillsborough County Superior Court.

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