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Suspects In Shooting Investigation Arraigned. Details Emerge About Injuries To Victims

MANCHESTER, NH - One of the two people arrested as part of the investigation into the shooting of four people appeared in Hillsborough County Superior Court Tuesday.

Griffin O'Neil, 20 appeared in front of Honorable Judge William Delker for an arraignment and a decision on bail.

O’Neil is charged with Felony Criminal Liability (Accomplice) to Reckless Conduct, 2 counts of Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm, and also was on parole.

Assistant County Attorney Patrick Ives gave details from the affidavit that outlines what investigators found and also advised that O’Neil had just been released from prison five days prior to the shooting incident.

The defense said that O’Neil had no knowledge of what was happening when he drove the vehicle and did not know or possess firearms. His attorney claimed the state did not mention the burden of proof to hold O’Neil on preventative detention.

Attorney Ives argued that nothing the state has done thus far has protected the community and O’Neil is a danger to the community.

Judge Delker sided with the state and ordered O’Neil to be held on preventative detention. O’Neil is also ordered held on a parole violation and faces a hearing in the future about imposing a suspended sentence.

Emmanuel Sayle, 21 was arrested on 4 counts of Felony Reckless Conduct, Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm, and also has a Parole Hold.

Sayle who had been transported to the courthouse waived his arraignment and chose to not appear in the courtroom. His legal team agreed to his being held on preventative detention with the right to a future hearing.

Assistant County Attorney Patrick Ives presented the details outlined in affidavits of what happened on Saturday and what led investigators to the two arrests:

At approximately 4:50 p.m., multiple police units responded to the area of 129 Ahern Street for a report of a shooting.

Dispatch advised of multiple victims, who were later identified as SS, KV, IC, and YN, who were shot at a party where approximately 35 people were attending of which a large number were outside.

SS sustained a gunshot wound through the left thigh into the right thigh. KV sustained a gunshot wound through the lower left leg, shattering the tibia. IC sustained a gunshot wound to the inner thigh and a separated shoulder. YN sustained a gunshot wound to the chest.

Officers and detectives conducting the on-scene investigation spoke to multiple witnesses who advised that two males, wearing black sweatshirts and masks emerged from behind 138 O'Malley Street. Both suspects fired handguns toward the crowd at 129 Ahern Street. Witnesses advised that following the shooting, the suspects ran south behind 138 O'Malley Street and fled the area.

One 9mm bullet and 15 9mm shell casings were located in the grass on the east side of 138 O'Malley Street. An initial ballistic analysis showed that five rounds were fired from one firearm and ten rounds were fired from another.

Detectives reviewed camera footage from the Manchester Housing and Redevelopment Authority (MHRA) for the Elwood Gardens property.

There were three cameras positioned at the southwest corner of Elmwood Gardens where the suspects were last seen running. At approximately 16:47:20 hrs on this footage, Detective Choi saw a white Nissan Murano, bearing NH registration 4792120, backing into the dumpster accessway off of Brown Avenue.

Ives provided a map to the judge showing the close proximity of the parking area to where the shooting took place.

A short time later, two people exit the rear passenger seats. Suspect 1 who exits from the rear driver's side is a black male wearing a black mask, black hooded sweater, gray sweatpants with writing under the left pocket, and white sneakers. This suspect is seen with the end of a pistol magazine sticking out of the front sweater pocket.

Suspect 1 is larger in stature than Suspect 2. Suspect 2 who exits from the rear passenger's side is light-skinned, wearing a mask, a black hooded sweater, black pants with a tear on the right knee, and multi-colored sneakers. Suspect 2 is smaller in stature than Suspect 1.

Both suspects walk north from the vehicle and both appear to be manipulating objects in their front sweater pockets.

They continue north, northeast along the fence line of the dumpsters and continue behind 138 O'Malley Street. The two walk to the grassy area east of 138 O'Malley Street and raise their arms, pointing toward 129 Ahern Street, in the direction of the party.

After the shooting, they run back to the Nissan while both continue to manipulate objects in their sweater pockets. The Murano is seen driving away south on Brown Avenue.

The suspect vehicle's registration returned to 372 Amherst Street, registered to PP, whose son is Griffin O'Neil

At approximately 16:25 hrs, approximately 25 minutes before the shooting on the day of the incident, an identical white SUV arrives in the area and parks on Derry Street at the corner of Chester Street based on video located by detectives.

The driver exits and walks down Chester Street and goes behind 372 Amherst Street. The rear driver's side passenger exits as well. The passenger walks over to a trash can belonging to Families in Transitions and appears to discard a small white packaged item in the left trash can.

The passenger is a black male dressed in a white shirt and gray pants and is Suspect 1 from the shooting.

A short time later, the two get back into the white SUV and leave the area at 16:32 hrs. Suspect 1 is not armed with a firearm at this time.

Detective Rahill spoke with a person who advised they had the authority to provide consent to search the trash can and granted consent.

Detective Rahill went to 370 Amherst Street and located the trash can.

Upon checking its content, there was a Kennedy's Fried Chicken container at the bottom with a few slim packaging boxes and a Corona box. The Kennedy's Fried Chicken box was smaller in size and in a white plastic grocery bag similar in appearance to what Suspect 1 threw away.

Later, Detectives went to Kennedy's Fried Chicken and were provided access to the camera footage. It should be noted that the time stamp was an hour behind. At approximately 15:10:21 hrs (16:10:21 real-time) on the date of the incident,

Suspect 1 observed on Derry Street enters the restaurant. He is described as a taller black male, with short dreadlocks, a gray ball cap, a white t-shirt, gray sweatpants that match the ones observed on the Elmwood Gardens camera, and white sneakers. Several officers, detectives, and probation/parole officers were able to identify him as Emmanuel Sayle (01/26/2002). Sayle is not armed with a firearm at this time.

Detectives also met with a person who resides in the neighborhood of Derry Street and Chester Street. They provided footage around 16:25 hrs where we were able to confirm Sayle threw away the Kennedy's Fried Chicken box in the trash can.

When comparing the video from Families in Transition with other videos, O'Neil was identified as the person getting out of the driver's seat of the vehicle and walking toward the rear of 372 Amherst Street. He emerges a short time later and returns to where the Murano was parked. O'Neil was identified by detectives.

Manchester Police are continuing to identify and arrest the second shooter involved in the incident. A photograph of the suspect was distributed and police ask that anyone with information contact them.

Manchester detectives continue to actively investigate this case, and urge anyone who has information about this person’s identity or the shooting incident to call Manchester Police at 603- 668-8711. You can also remain anonymous and call the Manchester Crimeline at 603-624-4040.

Updated information will be added as it becomes available

©Jeffrey Hastings


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