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MPD Chief Upset About Light Sentence For Woman Who Slashed Daughters Throat

Manchester Police responded to a report of an injured child at 1837 Elm St on February 19, 2021. When responders arrived they found a 12-year-old girl suffering from slicing and stab wounds.

Police learned that the child’s mother Amanda Mitchell entered the room and began assaulting her child. After finally escaping, the girl ran from room to room while her mother continued to chase her. The girl left a trail of blood droplets throughout the house as her mother “attempted to hurt her in any way possible,” court documents detail.

The victim was treated at the hospital for an injury described as a cut of her neck from ear to ear, and multiple other wounds caused by a knife her mother used.

Mitchell was arrested by police and charged with attempted murder, and first-degree assault.

Friday Mitchell appeared in Hillsborough County North Superior Court and accepted a plea deal. The plea included two counts of First Degree Assault, and the agreement was made to drop the Attempted Murder charge.

Mitchell was sentenced to 12-30 years in prison. With time served, good behavior, and completing various prison programs, it is likely Mitchell will only serve an additional 8 years or less, for what many consider to be an attempt on her daughter’s life.

The victim’s father, who was separated from Mitchell at the time of the attack, offered a victim impact statement. He shared that it has been a difficult time of healing and the now 14-year-old child is still very scared at night. While speaking to Honorable Judge David Anderson he shared his disappointment with the plea deal.

The father stated his position on this plea deal: “As a father, I am not quite on board with where we are at right now: [...] we started at 20 and higher and dwindled our way down.”

Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg and a Manchester Detective sat in the courtroom listening to the father’s statement. Immediately after Aldenberg spoke to Manchester Information and expressed his disagreement with the sentence that Mitchell received.

“[It’s] a completely unacceptable sentence,” said Manchester Police Chief Aldenberg after the sentencing, “If that’s not attempted murder I don’t know what is.”

The plea deal was a surprise to Aldenberg and the victim’s family, as they were notified less than 48 hours before Friday’s sentencing when it was already a “done deal” and there was no room for flexibility.

The MPD chief continued, “This is a light sentence for someone who tried to kill their daughter. Bottom line.”

Mental health was a consideration in this case according to the discussion in court. Mitchell has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is on multiple medications. Mitchell was found competent to stand trial and diagnosis had not been used in her defense.

When asked by a reporter if Aldenberg MPD is sensitive to mental health as “it is something we deal with every day,” shared Chief Aldenberg, “but let them [the defense] get up in court and argue that.”

Mitchell who was in the courtroom, handcuffed and in a prisoner uniform from the Hillsborough House of Correction. After the sentencing was complete, she was escorted from the courtroom and will be transferred to the New Hampshire Prison for Women in Concord.


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