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Indictment Roundup: May 2023

April’s Hillsborough County Superior Court – North Indictments include indictments for the killing of a 5-month-old puppy, a February SWAT incident that stemmed from reports of a man shooting at a dog, multiple instances of witness tampering from a March rape and assault conviction, and perjury from an April sexual assault conviction.

192 indictments were handed down for 100 individuals, with 26% drug-related, 14% for Theft/Robbery/Fraud, and 10% for Assault.

Out of the drug charges, over 80% were for Fentanyl, Crack/Crack Cocaine, or Methamphetamine.

Below are some of the indictments included.

Violent Crimes:

  • Ziad Abuwardeh of Lawrence, MA

  • Indictments: Second Degree Assault, Criminal Restraint

  • Allegedly grabbed the neck of someone in Manchester, not allowing her to leave the vehicle and impeded her breathing

  • Nathaniel Duehart of Manchester

  • Indictments: Criminal Restraint, Second Degree Assault

  • Allegedly held someone in a headlock and impeded her breathing

  • Christopher J Kean of Manchester

  • Indictment: Assault by Prisoners

  • Allegedly struck someone in the face

  • Lauren E Potvin of Haverhill, MA

  • Indictments: Simple Assault (2)

  • Allegedly kicked Officer Bellemore and spit on her

  • Junior Rigaud of Manchester

  • Indictments: CDAAP, PRCFF, First Degree Assault

  • Allegedly lunged at someone with a pair of scissors

  • Kailin Syvertsen of Manchester

  • Indictment: Assault by Prisoners

  • Allegedly struck someone in the face

Crimes Against Minors:

  • Brandon T Bachand of Manchester

  • Indictment: Certain Uses of Computer Services Prohibited

  • Allegedly sent a picture of his penis to a minor

  • Robert Barry of Sullivan

  • Indictments: AFSA (6), FSA

  • Allegedly repeatedly sexually assaulted a child under the age of 13 while inside a bunker on his property

  • Carlos Delgado Garcia of Manchester

  • Indictment: Second-Degree Assault

  • Allegedly struck a child under 13 across the back with a belt, causing injury

  • Marcus D Kruger of Amherst

  • Indictments: Possession of Child Sexual Abuse Images (10)

  • Allegedly had images of prepubescent males performing sexual acts alone, with other prepubescent males, and adult males, and with chains and straps.

  • William Santana of Hudson

  • Indictments: Second Degree Assault (6)

  • Allegedly struck and restrained a child under the age of 13, causing brusing to the child’s ankles, chest, ear, legs, and scrotum and/or penis.

Theft and Fraud:

  • Laurie Dibiase of Manchester

  • Indictments: Forgery (2), Theft by Deception

  • Allegedly tried to cash a check made out to someone else.

  • Heather Dow of Manchester

  • Indictments: Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property, Possession of Controlled Drug (2)

  • Allegedly had 10 credit cards and 4 IDs that did not belong to her.

  • William M Hodges, III of Jamaica, NY

  • Indictment: Fraudulent Use of Credit Card

  • Allegedly used a credit card that was not his to over $1,000 worth of property from Hannaford’s.

  • Eric J Kelly of Manchester

  • Indictments: Theft by Unauthorized Taking (2)

  • Allegedly stole tires from AutoFair Honda and Mercedes-Benz of Manchester

  • Samuel Ramos-Torres of Manchester

  • Indictments: Burglary, Receiving Stolen Property, Tampering with Witnesses and Informants

  • Allegedly broke into someone’s house, stole their Playstation 5 with accessories, and threatened to “beat [their] ass” or kill them if the victim reported Ramos-Torres to the police.

Driving Incidents:

  • Timothy Collins of Manchester

  • Indictments: Reckless Conduct (2), Conduct After Accident

  • Allegedly reversed his vehicle and hit multiple people and then drove away

  • Ryan G Ledoux of Manchester

  • Indictment: Financial Responsibility & Conduct After an Accident

  • Allegedly crashed his car into another vehicle, causing injury, and fled the scene.

  • Brandon Mull of Manchester

  • Indictments: Conduct After Accident, Possession of a Controlled Drug with Intent to Sell (2), Possession of a Controlled Drug, Falsifying Physical Evidence

  • Allegedly was involved in a motor vehicle accident that caused injury and left the scene of the crime. Additionally, when he was arrested Mull allegedly possessed controlled drugs and stomped on his cell phone.


  • William Farnsworth of Manchester

  • Indictment: Cruelty to Animals, Forgery, Falsifying Physical Evidence, Tampering With Witnesses and Informants

  • Allegedly tortured and killed a 5 month old red/blue nosed pitbull puppy named Duke by kneeling on the dog’s neck and shoulder and then disposed of the puppy in a trash bag and told another not to call the police. Also allegedly sold a vehicle without the authority to do so.

  • This is related to the December incident; Farnsworth was arrested about 2 months later.

  • Curtis Massey of Manchester

  • Indictments: Pistols & Revolvers Armed Career Criminals, PRCFF, Falsifying Physical Evidence

  • Allegedly had a hand gun after being convicted of three other assault, burglary, robbery, and/or possession of controlled drug felonies

  • This stemmed from a February incident where a caller reported that a man had shot at a dog. SWAT was brought on scene and Massey was eventually charged.

  • Christy Sales of Manchester

  • Indictments: Conspiracy to Commit Witness Tampering, Tampering with Witnesses and Informants

  • Allegedly assisted Justin Sales in recording and sending an audio message to the victim of Justin’s crimes

  • This is related to the 46 felony counts that Justin Sales was convicted of in March, including rape and assault.

  • Justin Sales of Manchester

  • Indictments: Conspiracy to Commit Witness Tampering, Tampering with Witnesses and Informants

  • Allegedly recorded an audio message to the victim of his crimes with an emotional appeal attempting to induce her to falsely testify and/or withhold information.

  • This is related to the 46 felony counts that Justin Sales was convicted of in March, including rape and assault. Sales is now accused of working with multiple people to contact the victim.

  • Christopher Viveney of Manchester

  • Indictments: Perjury, Witness Tampering (3)

  • Allegedly lied under oath during his trial and turned off the gas twice so that a person lost heat in their home as retaliation for testifying.

  • This is related to the April trial where Viveney was found guilty of two Felonious Sexual Assault charges.

  • David J Campbell of Manchester

  • Indictment: Criminal Threatening

  • Allegedly pointed a knife at someone and said “I will not be threatened by anyone. You are going to walk me to Dominos.”

  • Daniel Fogg

  • Indictment: Sale of a Controlled Drug Subsequent Offense

  • Allegedly sold 5+ grams of fentanyl after having already been convicted of Sale of a Controlled Drug, Death Resulting

  • Lynn M Geddes-Morin of Hillsboro

  • Indictments: Arson (2)

  • Allegedly the doormat of 276 Second New Hampshire Turnpike on fire

  • Kent Gary of Manchester

  • Indictment: Criminal Threatening

  • Allegedly held a knife at someone and stated “I’m going to kill.”

  • Omed M Habibzai of Portland, ME

  • Indictments: Nonconsensual Dissemination of Private Sexual Images (9)

  • Allegedly sent a video of someone masturbating to multiple people on Instagram and SnapChat without the person’s consent.

  • Cody King-Kimball of Weare

  • Indictments: Criminal Mischief

  • Allegedly created ruts on Bolton’s multi-sport field

  • Kevin McDougal of Manchester

  • Indictments: Criminal Threatening (2), Burglary, Reckless Conduct

  • Allegedly entered a business on Harvey Road, pointed a firearm at two people, and then shot into the ground

  • Derek Mota of Peabody, MA

  • Indictments: Nonconsensual Dissemination of Private Sexual Images (2)

  • Allegedly sent a sexual photograph of someone to two people without the person’s consent, including to the person’s daughter’s boyfriend.

  • Trever J Paradis of Manchester

  • Indictment: Indecent Exposure and Lewdness

  • Allegedly exposed his genitalia to someone while urinating in public, after having been previously convicted of Indecent Exposure and Lewdness in August 2022


The following abbreviations are used: AFSA (Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault), FSA (Felonious Sexual Assault), PRCFF (Pistols & Revolvers; Convicted Felons, Felony), PRACC (Pistols & Revolvers; Armed Career Criminals), CDAAP (Controlled Drug Act; Acts Prohibited), CFPDW (Convicted Felon in Possession of Dangerous Weapon)

All the indictments are dependent on evidence brought before the Grand Jury and the accused are innocent until proven guilty.

Previous indictment roundups - 2023: January; February; March; April; 2022: August, September, October, November, December

Left to Right: Farnsworth, Massey, Sales

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