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18-Year-Old Shot By Manchester Police In Maple Street Parking Lot

Manchester, NH - A man was shot and injured in a police-involved shooting on Maple Street in Manchester near police headquarters Sunday.

The incident occurred in a parking lot at 261 Maple Street at about 11:55 p.m. Manchester Fire and AMR Ambulance were dispatched to the area for a gunshot and transported a man to the Elliot Hospital with injuries from a gunshot.

Manchester Police notified the NH Attorney General’s Office of the shooting which is investigating the incident with New Hampshire State Police.

The Manchester Police dispatch log indicates an entry that says “Shot Spotter” which is a new system to identify gunfire in certain areas of the city.

New Hampshire State Police Major Crime Unit is at the scene and documenting the incident, taking measurements, and photographing the scene.

A dark Nissan convertible that had the top down with the New Hampshire vanity plate “LAMAFIA” and a handicapped placard can be seen surrounded by crime scene tape in the parking lot. Several evidence markers and medical equipment bags can be seen on the ground on the driver’s side of the car where state police investigators were working.

Investigators utilized a Faro system at the scene of incidents creating millions of images that offer investigators three-dimensional images for the investigation.

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office sent additional information in a press release just before noon Monday.

At approximately 11:30 P.M. on Sunday, March 26, 2023, a citizen called the Manchester Police Department to report a vehicle driving recklessly through the city and doing “burnouts” near Elm Street and Mechanic Street in Manchester.

Officers responded to the area and located a black, Nissan 350Z convertible driving recklessly. Patrol officers attempted to stop the car, but the car refused to stop and accelerated away. Police initiated a pursuit but were forced to end it when the Nissan accelerated to a dangerous rate of speed through the city.

After discovering the identity of the Nissan’s registered owner, officers learned that he had been at the Manchester Police Department earlier in the evening, acting irate. Officers later found the Nissan parked in a parking lot near 265 Maple Street with the registered owner, an adult male, seated in the driver’s seat.

During an interaction that followed, the adult male, Mr. Waleed Al Thuwayni (age 18) of Manchester, was shot. Initial information indicates that a single Manchester Police officer discharged his weapon during the incident at approximately 11:56 P.M. Mr. Al Thuwayni was taken into custody and transported to Elliott Hospital in Manchester where he is being treated for what is believed to be non-life-threatening injuries from gunshot wounds.

No law enforcement officers or other private citizens were physically injured during the shooting incident. Pursuant to protocol, the name of the officer involved in the incident is being withheld pending the conclusion of a formal interview. The initial responding officers did have body cameras. Investigators will be reviewing whether those cameras, as well as any other video or audio, may have recorded any portion of the incident.

The location of the shooting is less than half a block from Manchester Police Headquarters and is near the Sweeney Post VFW and the parking lot of the Letter Carriers Union.

Video circulating on social media shows the same vehicle doing “donuts" and “burnouts” in the area of Elm Street and Mechanic Street shortly before the incident.

Updates will be provided as additional information is released.

©Jeffrey Hastings


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